Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #2

PM_Now is me now and PM60 is Pooja at 60

PM60: Hi!

PM_Now: Hi Pooja!

PM60: You are wondering about why you don’t have a pet name, and reasoning that because you never got one. But life is more about having a pet name. Anyway, how are you?

PM_Now: I don’t know how I am. Still, it is difficult for me to describe my feelings in words, as it was years back. Am I weird as I don’t understand my own feelings?

PM60: Hmm! well, I too don’t know how I am feeling and how to describe it. But it’s not weird and easy to understand how you are feeling. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and concentrate on your inner voice. Trust them, listen to yourself. Now open your diary and write down what you heard.

PM_Now: Wow! it’s easy to work on. But as I know my feeling, worries, and obstacle how should I find a solution?

PM60: Write pros and cons, write down reason and cause and all if moments you think could have been made things better. Once you are done, read it. Go back if you want to apologies say them sorry if you want to say thank-you drop them an email. Finish your all unfinished business. And if there is something not in your hand leave that there on the paper, or talk about it to your close friends.

PM_Now: Life is not this easy as you are advising me. People change, so that their behavior, friendship, priorities everything. But why I am the only one chosen to face all this at the same time in a negative way? why me?

PM60: It is not happening only to you kid, it is happening in everyone’s life. Yes you are right people are mean, they will be there when they need you. But that’s not what matters to you. You should only worry about how you behave to anyone who needs you, you should worry about your behavior, your attitude, your peace of mind. But it doesn’t mean you should get hurt by the same person again and again.

Make your own boundaries, set your rules, rules for your own good health and happiness. Learn where to keep full stop and how to say no. Talk to people understand them.

PM_Now: How to understand people?

PM60: It’s easy,  keep yourself in their mind, in their circumstance(virtually) and analyze what will you do. See, it’s simple you need to trust yourself and keep your eyes open. Observe thing try to look for a pattern. And if it is not easy to remember for you take a note.

Whenever you are seeing the repeat of the pattern from another person behave accordingly.

PM_Now: Thank You! Old Pooja, before meeting you let me make things better for me.


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