The Old Bookshop

As I walk into the old bookshop I travel to the past like in a time machine, I see the old yellowish pages not aromatic like the new ones some folded , some covered well. Each book that I hold, tries to tell me a story or maybe many , stories they have witnessed around … Continue reading The Old Bookshop

Let it be light

Don't hold too tight and stretch it it will break down. Let it be light lose, and dangling if it belongs to you it will be there no matter what If not then you will be free. So let it be lose and dangling like carefree wind around the tree.  


The crackers and those light Brilliantly shining sky. The festive aroma outside The smile, the charm Around the harp Everything is so lively But inside the room Corners are dead sitting In deep silence Ignoring fire and crackers Ignoring the loud music The giggle and the humming . Trying to focus, Focus on the other … Continue reading Corners

A question Without Question mark

It was not typo not a grammatical mistake. It was not an attempt to offense neither a choice of suspense. It was not because I was hurrying. It was not because I was drunk. Then? Might be because I assumed This will always be a question a known one for someone, I ask frequently the same one. A … Continue reading A question Without Question mark

Stop only when you get success!

Did you stopped walking when you fell down after your first step? Did you stopped writing When it was hard to write B, after learning A? Or did you just stopped speaking When your pronunciation for Zebra was wrong? No, you have never stopped, Doesn’t matter how many times you fell down, How many days … Continue reading Stop only when you get success!


कभी अच्छाई की तो कभी किसी के बेहद करीब होने का नकाब ओढ़ लेते हैं कभी मदद करने का तो कभी हमदर्द बनने का अच्छा ढ़ोग कर लेते हैं हम, हम इतने नकाब बदलते हैं कि अपनी असलीयत हीं भूल गये कभी कभी तो खुद़ को ढुंढते फिरते हैं पर मिल नहीं पाता अपना अस्तित्व। … Continue reading नकाब