I don’t know

Life has its mysterious ways.

Shut my words down from expressing my love from my heart,

when together we were!

Today while alone, and with words, I can express the deepest feelings,

You are gone, far far away, my words unable to reach.

I remember, curious your eyes, to see and listen me speak,

I remember when you said.

I don’t know why I fall for you.

“I don’t know” was your answer to all my questions,

Today while alone, I love her and I understood now,

Why you said “I don’t know”


True story#5

Just Humour: What made my life easier in Demonetization situation: Though she has stopped taking money from my cashless wallet but I am voluntarily adding her half to her’s Paytm wallet everyday.



Mera kuch samaan, tumhare pas pada hai,

mera kuch samaan, tumhare pas pada hai,

mere kitne ankahe sawal pade hai,

sirf tumne, jo khamoshi meri me padhe hai,

wo jawab bta do, mera wo samaan lauta do….

Jo tay na kar pae, wo safar adoore pade hai,

mere manane ko tere, jhoothe sahi pr pyare, shikwe sare pade hai,

wohi chand lamhe lauta do, mera wo samaan lauta do.

Ankho me ansoo hai, jo kabse behne ko pade khade hai,

kitne or bhi dard hai, jo dil ne jakde rakhe hai,

bas gale laga do or mere wo ansoo baha do..

Ye zindge meri, tum bin adhoori padi hai,

bahut jee chuka hu, par saanse akhiri tere pas padi hai,

yahi samaan ;lauta do or mujhe ab sula do….

mera kuch samaan, tumhare pas pada hai…..

mera kuch samaan, tumhare pas pada hai…….

(inspired from the “Mera kuch samaan tumhare pas pada hai: Gulzaar Sahab”)DSC_3951.JPG

by ASHU Sunil Kumar

I wish

In this vast and selfish world
And, You are not here
     I wonder here and there.
With tthe full crying heart
And, No one to share,
     I wish to leave silently from here.
But, if i couldrewind the time
And see You once with a smile,
     I will rest my words,
As further no words can write.