That book

I wish  I could be  That book of yours  Who is always with you When you are free or busy, When you are excited or low. I wish I could be that book  Who is with you  Without the matter of circumstances. And  You read and hold for long hours  And that book you  dream … Continue reading That book

Around the books

That match on tinder, And arrival of my book on that day Was just coincidence. That description of myself And your line  that you too are in the same zone, Talking about books we were reading And your book recommendations for me. And then, All was started with two books One was mine and others … Continue reading Around the books

जब हम बच्चे थे

जब हम बच्चे थे, हर बात पे मुस्कुराते थे, चिड़िया उड़ के खेल खेल में हम भी उड़ जाते थे। दुनिया के रिवाज़ों से परे , हर किसी को दोस्त बनाते। जब हम बच्चे थे मम्मी की उँगली छुरा कर, हर बार उनसे आगे भगा करते थे। बिना किसी बंदिश के हर किसी से मिला … Continue reading जब हम बच्चे थे

Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #1

Present PM22 At 60s PM60 PM60: life passed in thinking and thinking a lot Pooja PM22: Who told you to think much, why you never followed your heart and shown some       courage PM60: Life is not only about to think yourself Pooja, you can't be like kid and be selfish, PM22: Oh I … Continue reading Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #1

You are not alone

You are not alone in this journey When people left your hand When all leave you alone When people change their mind. When people are busy, Then also this beautiful nature and the whole universe is with you. They never left you alone They never complaint you They are always with you You are never … Continue reading You are not alone