Late night Thought 2019_1

Everyone is fighting here with themselves. Some of the past memories, old habits or someone wrong they have been with. Everyone look happy from the side view or from the selfie perfect angle. But in deep inside something hurting deeply,S something might be so stressful, regretting or overwhelmed. The eyes sometime look tired are actually … Continue reading Late night Thought 2019_1


Hey, How are you?

Hey, How are you? She messaged I am good 🙂 I typed, while wiping my tears With sobbing voice Fast heartbeat, and twisted mind. I am good I typed in answer, With shaking fingers And with a Numb brain With all negative thought. After few days Hey How are you? She messaged again. I would … Continue reading Hey, How are you?


Tu sukun ke talash mein Bhtakta rha Kabhi ise, too kabhi usse Puchta rha Is rishte mein, uss dosti mein Tu sukun dunta rha Kabhi labjun pe aake ruki btaon ke kha dene mein Kabhi Bina wajha hass dene mein Tu sukun dunta rha. Khane de swad mein Chai ki pyali mein Midai ki dabbe … Continue reading Sukun

Whatsapp me Tag me, add me Swipe me right And also comment on my post. Every night Text me good night. And doing all this be omnipresent for me. Hmm hmm, You are right That's how You define Your relationship Your love life Your friendhsip. You don't plan to meet Don't plan to eat together … Continue reading

I Fear When you say to Volunteer An event to make people smile, laugh I fear that I will burst into tears or I will take a corner and sit down there I fear some kid will then ask me why I am sad but I am just silent I fear you will not understand … Continue reading

ले चल कंही दूर मुझे

ले चल कंही दूर मुझे, हवाएँ हो साथ, और तेरा हाथों में हाथ| नदी की लहरों के पास, हिमालय की लय में बस तुम और मैं। ले चल कहीं दूर मुझे , जंहा ठहर जाये ये पल पत्तों के शोर में, और बहती लहरों के धुन पे ले चल मुझे कहीं दूर जहां मैं खुद … Continue reading ले चल कंही दूर मुझे

Let it be light

Don't hold too tight and stretch it it will break down. Let it be light lose, and dangling if it belongs to you it will be there no matter what If not then you will be free. So let it be lose and dangling like carefree wind around the tree.  

Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #2

PM_Now is me now and PM60 is Pooja at 60 PM60: Hi! PM_Now: Hi Pooja! PM60: You are wondering about why you don't have a pet name, and reasoning that because you never got one. But life is more about having a pet name. Anyway, how are you? PM_Now: I don't know how I am. … Continue reading Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #2