That book

I wish 

I could be 

That book of yours 

Who is always with you

When you are free or busy,

When you are excited or low.

I wish I could be that book 

Who is with you 

Without the matter of circumstances.


You read and hold for long hours 

And that book you  dream about.

I wish I could be that book

To be your side all time.

That you want to read anytime.

Around the books

That match on tinder,

And arrival of my book on that day

Was just coincidence.

That description of myself

And your line 

that you too are in the same zone,

Talking about books we were reading

And your book recommendations for me.

And then,

All was started with two books

One was mine and others was yours 

We wanted to exchange 

But not just that

We wanted to meet

With the excuse of the book.

We met and date happen around the books

And some more near to the science 

And tech.

All are happening around the books.


Late Night Thought #5


Be in some pressure,

Be in some risk

instead of choosing easy and known path

let’s travel a undiscovered one,

and if we fail,

Let’s Try again

and again,

and check the probability

of you failure.

If you fail with plan A

give try to Plan A**

and if you fail again

then sit and think

the reason to start

discovering that untraveled  path.

Don’t feel bad you failed so many times

just be there and keep walking

because you dared to discover

that untraveled path,

because you dared

to began a new journey

and most importantly

you dared to Dream



That drizzling Saturday evening

with blocked signal

on the road,

and our sudden plan to meet.

20 minutes late me,

you wandering

on the road in wait.

That glimpse of the first look,

Standing together 

to decide the next place to go.

That walk with hand in hand

That talk about the memories

knowing more about each


that pounding heart

and those stealing eyes,

with sensational touch


those blushing  smile

we met again.


THE Star

In the box of dark sky

I am not the moon

who hide and come as per season

I am star not seems to as bright as moon

I may not be unique as the Moon is

But I am one on those millions

who wish to be constant shiny

and evolve silently.

Back Up Plan

If you are passionate to do something, or you Love something. Then how could you have option/choice to replace that. How it is possible to Replace for happiness or to make things easy.
With a back up you are not passionate about anything, you don’t love anything.

In Moment

This post is inspired by one of my friend’s word enjoy moments 😉 . Thank You for beautiful moments. And specially for letting me enjoy instead of what if.


Moments are may be a second long 

or may be few hours long,

but when it passed away it will never return back

not even turn back like the tossed coin.


Life is passing away in moments,

Many time it is passing away

When we are busy in figuring  out “What If”,

Only a few of times we are living in those moment

Without the fear of “What if”.


Live in the moments

As if that is the only chance you have,

live in the moment 

as if you have no promise for tomorrow. 



You are like a first drop of rain after sunny day
You are the glimpse of full moon in cloudy night
You are the smell of flower, the beautiful petals of lotus
you are the first rays of the sun in icy cold morning.

With ultimate power to change the world
With enthusiasm to innovate new,
With vision to create new world.


Life is not a cupcake my darling that it would always taste you sweet neither it’s like pepper. Every bite of the life has different taste, enjoy messed up, win, lose, fight, smile, love, invent, and many more. keep tasting it more and more. Make sure you have enjoyed every taste of it before leaving the life.

Late Night Thought #4

This time about life in dual nature world it is worst than wounds and cuts
Every time it make me feel that I can’t live it as I want to live it.
Some time this world make me feel lucky, happiest and just after fraction of seconds it make me realize that it will never going to be happen, your way life is like glass window that the  world can break it easily,
But dear dual nature world I am a nanoscientest I can make this glass hardest ever you have seen.


I am lost, 

somewhere in between the stars 

In the search of what I need

In the comfort of what I dream

I am lost,

In Between what is true and what is in my imagination.

In between what is required and what is needed

I am lost,

Lost to find myself again

But scared of being too late to find myself again.

I am lost,.

Somewhere in between the stars

मां (Komal’s First blog post}

Source: मां


“मेरी दुनिया तो तु ही है, क्योंकि
दुनिया देखने के आंख खुली

तो सामने तेरा ही चेहरा था |

आई थी मुट्ठी बंद कर कुछ पानी  को|
पर मेरी पहली नजर में ही
मुझे तो सारी दुनिया ही मिल गई|
KomaI mehta
Happy birthday Maa”
Question is Who is Komal?
Komal is my 12 year old sister, youngest among us and she loves writing.
Sometime she writes about “world of pencil”, sometime about about life and many more.
This 5th March(Mom’s birthday), she tried to make her own blog after reading about word press in her GK book and here is her successful attempt(many more to add)Komal’s Blog, Stay in touch of her blog for variety of young imagination and lots of fun.


When the Moon is full
breez is in mood,

With dancing tree

And the mesmerizing musing of leaves

And twinkling stars 

In  the jungle of buldings

With compitition around you

With types of people in line

And all ups and down,

You realize that you are all alone

And this loneliness is not loneliness

It’s solitude,

You can feel better,

You will meet to the best and worst self,

With every hit of the Moody breeze.

You will accept your all plus and minus

With plan to be you 

As the way you wanted to be in childhood.

Late night thought

Life is small to think that you can do only one thing at a time, life is small to think that you must not do this you should be focus in one particular thing. 

Manage your time for everything in life because life happens only once 

I don’t know

Life has its mysterious ways.

Shut my words down from expressing my love from my heart,

when together we were!

Today while alone, and with words, I can express the deepest feelings,

You are gone, far far away, my words unable to reach.

I remember, curious your eyes, to see and listen me speak,

I remember when you said.

I don’t know why I fall for you.

“I don’t know” was your answer to all my questions,

Today while alone, I love her and I understood now,

Why you said “I don’t know”


जब हम बच्चे थे

जब हम बच्चे थे,

हर बात पे मुस्कुराते थे,

चिड़िया उड़ के खेल खेल में हम भी उड़ जाते थे।

दुनिया के रिवाज़ों से परे ,

हर किसी को दोस्त बनाते।

जब हम बच्चे थे

मम्मी की उँगली छुरा कर,

हर बार उनसे आगे भगा करते थे।

बिना किसी बंदिश के हर किसी से मिला करते थे।

लोगों की भिड़ देख कर,

 पापा के पीछे छिप जाते थे ।

जब हम बच्चे थे

मुस्कराहट हमारे यार हुआ करते थे और

दादी की उनकी कहानियां हमारी सहेलियां थीं

जब हम बचे थे 

आसमान में जा रहे हवाई जहाजों को देख 

हाथ हिलाते थे।

आईने में अपना चेहरा देख उसे कोई और बताते थे

दुकान पर जा कर हर बार वही इक टॉफी की मांग करते थे

पापा से हर महीने मिले दस रुपये से उनके लिए तौफे ख़रीदते

जब हम बच्चे थे 

जल्दी से बड़े होने की ज़िद किया करते थे

और हर काम पे खुद को जिम्मेदार बताया करते थे

जब हम बच्चे थे 

हम बेफिक्र से जिया करते थे,

अपने दिल की सुना करते थे 

और दिमाग लगाया करते थे।

लोगों क्या सोचेगें इससे परे जिया करते थे,

हम बहुत ज्यादा मुस्कुराया करते थे

और हर मुस्कुराहट के साथ खुशियां बिखरते रहते थे

जब हम बच्चे थे।।

Advice and argument with Old me(at 60) #1

Present PM22

At 60s PM60

PM60: life passed in thinking and thinking a lot Pooja

PM22: Who told you to think much, why you never followed your heart and shown some       courage

PM60: Life is not only about to think yourself Pooja, you can’t be like kid and be selfish,

PM22: Oh I see, You mean life is about to be in regret at 60s, and if you are not happy then    you can’t keep others happy Old Pooja

PM60: You are still a kid my darling. Life is more than your own happiness, life is about to     give more than you take  from others. You can’t just be selfish and work for your                    own happiness.

PM22: My dear old Pooja, Keeping other’s happy doesn’t mean that I will not work for my    own happiness, I want to try for all what I thought to have in life. Old pooja please                don’t make it complicated.

PM60:  You are so immature Pooja. Life will pass to fight and struggle, you have very             limited time on earth do the needful for your surrounding.

PM22: You know what if I can’t work for my own happiness or my own dreams or                 wishes how can I take care of others. If I can give up to my own fight how can I  help anyone?

PM60: it is very easy to give this view kid but it is difficult to follow it.

PM22: But I think it is our what be want in our life, it depends on us whether we choose to fight for our dream or just to leave after seeing some difficulties. It is our choice  choose to regret on the death bed or to work on that. Maybe I will not get all what I want but  at least I can’t regret about not to trying.

PM60: Do whatever you life kid. Just make sure never hurt your own people and don’t let     Old Pooja regret.

PM22: I promise you, try hard to not let you regret.

Ahhha!! Kid PM22 victory 🙂 ❤ 😉

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