Around the books

That match on tinder,

And arrival of my book on that day

Was just coincidence.

That description of myself

And your line 

that you too are in the same zone,

Talking about books we were reading

And your book recommendations for me.

And then,

All was started with two books

One was mine and others was yours 

We wanted to exchange 

But not just that

We wanted to meet

With the excuse of the book.

We met and date happen around the books

And some more near to the science 

And tech.

All are happening around the books.


Be free in writing

There are many boundaries in reality 

but be free while you are writing 

write whatever in your mind 

write what you never shared with someone

write when you are hideing your feelings

Write about your love, about your feelings

about your dream and about your procrastination

write about the lose and gain.

Also about your big secret 

Don’t think too much just do write

express  freely at least in writing

don’t worry about typo and grammar

you will learn in the  journey of writing

don’t be afraid what people think,

what they assume

just do write and keep writing.

just cheers the life and write.

write more and more 

And be happy 🙂 😉