Intersecting lines

I am the night and you the day I am that parallel line to the tangent(you). I am the thought of lazy mind(you), We are together But not close to being together Like circle and secant And those lucky intersecting lines. ©Pooja Mehta


and I have to fake my smile.

Sitting alone in the room with the humming of the fan the heart is beating fast, fingers are out of control to type eyes are wet for no reason, meaningless thoughts and nobody for the talk. Next room people are assuming I am arrogant, but here, I am struggling to make myself okay, to find … Continue reading and I have to fake my smile.


When I am with you I am extraordinary, With no worries. Why? I don't know When I am taking to you I am clam with all power at center Why? I don't know When I hear your voice All worries of days getting vanish Like sunrise distroy the darkness. Why? Don't know I have no … Continue reading Why?

In the

Komal’s Poem “In the”


I ran on the rainy streets

With full of energy in my feet.

I ran on the cracked road

to hear the croak of the toads.
Then I got up on the hill

To see the the beauty of the rill

I stay there for a while

to feel the presence of the wind
I slope down from the hill

to step on the greeny furs

And sat there for half an hour

to see the brightness of the sky
I got up and went my way

Where I come from,this way

I ran on the rainy streets

With full of energy in my feet.

- Komal Mehta

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First Principle thinking: Elon Musk’s way to solve the problems

This post is originally posted on, I am reposting it here, please review it any suggestions are welcome as it will help me to improve my writing. And you can also discuss your way to solve problems using first principle methods. Elon is perhaps the world's most innovative and successful entrepreneur. He is a  nonconformist and thinks … Continue reading First Principle thinking: Elon Musk’s way to solve the problems


Mesmerising why I had penned down these lines.

A Touch to Unkahi Batein

When the Moon is full
breez is in mood,

With dancing tree

And the mesmerizing musing of leaves

And twinkling stars

In the jungle of buldings

With compitition around you

With types of people in line

And all ups and down,

You realize that you are all alone

And this loneliness is not loneliness

It’s solitude,

You can feel better,

You will meet to the best and worst self,

With every hit of the Moody breeze.

You will accept your all plus and minus

With plan to be you

As the way you wanted to be in childhood.

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