Look inside in your soul

  Are you searching For happiness  in your surrounding but better to search inside you Are you looking for some companion from your circle but go and search inside you Are you looking for help from others  but look inside you  you are the best to help yourself. Look inside in your soul You have … Continue reading Look inside in your soul

“I know you care but hide “

I am always showing you How much i care about you how much i miss you How i follow you in my dreams And how I always wait for you but still you are saying "I know you care but hide " No, i am not hiding It's your heart who wants to Hear the … Continue reading “I know you care but hide “

Be free in writing

There are many boundaries in reality  but be free while you are writing  write whatever in your mind  write what you never shared with someone write when you are hideing your feelings Write about your love, about your feelings about your dream and about your procrastination write about the lose and gain. Also about your … Continue reading Be free in writing

You are not alone

You are not alone in this journey When people left your hand When all leave you alone When people change their mind. When people are busy, Then also this beautiful nature and the whole universe is with you. They never left you alone They never complaint you They are always with you You are never … Continue reading You are not alone


दिल की बात जुबां पर न आये तो हीं सही है न कोई शिकवा होगी और ना हीं कोई शिकायत बात भी अपनी होगी और कोई तकलीफ भी होगी नंही बात के अधूरे रहने की। हम खुद से  हीं बातें कर खुश हो जाया करेंगे। सपना अपना है और ख़्याल भी अपने हैं, न तो … Continue reading बात