Minions or Cashew, difficult to choose -_-

Minions are home. Today, when I came back from work, I was searching for cashews that my mom had packed for me. And I found little minions are having cashew party.

I love minions but I love cashew also. But I had to make one choice minions or cashews. :-/ It was hard to decide. Then I took out my pencil and diary tried to write about why I love minions and why I love cashew. Nothing came to my mind.

I just love both of them. But cashew.

And at that point of time I found that I love cashew over minions. I snatched my packet of cashews and left what they had already half eaten. And stored it well. And of course had few of them too. ❤

I don’t mind them attacking on sweets and sugar but no cashew and chocolates.


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