The crackers and those light

Brilliantly shining sky.

The festive aroma outside

The smile, the charm

Around the harp

Everything is so lively


inside the room

Corners are dead sitting

In deep silence

Ignoring fire and crackers

Ignoring the loud music

The giggle and the humming .

Trying to focus,

Focus on the other corner

Surrounded by happening

And thinking nothing

Just gazing till the eyes hurt

Silently and still.

In the silence

Silence like on the top of dead hill.

Crawling in the past present future

But no cure of the deep silence it have

The heart is blunt to feel

But it doesn’t have one heart to blunt.

And eyes to hurt

But it doesn’t matter

As it can feel the silence in the room

And be sad on happening much outside

It miss the legs many times

As it can’t run without them

I don’t know how it is standing

But it can’t run

Run from the silence

The emptyness of the room,

Room with no emotions

Blank and not in the motion

Room which is full of stuff

But not of any giggle nor with beautiful rhyme.

Want to run

run far away and not to come

But it don’t have legs

And with out one

It can’t run maybe.

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