Once again

Come and meet me

Meet me,Behind the sunset,

After six

Like those old days.

In drizzling cold evening,

With no plans and no work,

Let’s just meet once again

Not for talk or for any expressions,

This time even not for moments

Or for promises,

Just meet one more time,

For no reasons and with no logic behind meeting,

Let’s Sit at the corner of the coffee shop,

And keep reading with the coffee sip.

Or just keep watching out side the window.

But let’s just sit together for a while,

Sit together till the arrival of last page.

Stop only when you get success!

Did you stopped walking

when you fell down after your first step?

Did you stopped writing 

When it was hard to write B, after learning A?

Or did you just stopped speaking 

When  your pronunciation for Zebra was wrong?

No, you have never stopped,

Doesn’t matter how many times you fell down,

How many days it  took to write B after A,

And how many times you called Zebra to ibra.

Now, just take your two minutes

and think when you have started

getting Idea about quieting?

Quieting just after your first failed attempt,

or after your second unsuccessful attempt

or your third try to get succeed.

Don’t stop until you can achieve your goal,

like you were not quieting 

when you were kid.

Try, and try again 

fail and fail again

but don’t stop.

If your plan A is not working,

think and go for plan A++,

If you are not seeing any path 

to move forward,

sit down and think 

Think why you have started that.

I know it is difficult,

It is hard,

When people will call you insane,

And will not trust on your vision.

But you must trust on your dream

You must keep trying and trying,

And be determine to stop only 

When you will get success

The Power of You

You have the power of sun

to shine the universe,

and the calmness of the moon 

to make more pleasant earth.

You have the stillness of the river

to handle the troubles,

and the strength of the mountains 

to tackle any situation.

You have  an individual you 

that can’t be me or anyone else 

to do something not ever done,

because there is no one

in the seven billions people 

who will exactly replace you.