You are like a first drop of rain after sunny day
You are the glimpse of full moon in cloudy night
You are the smell of flower, the beautiful petals of lotus
you are the first rays of the sun in icy cold morning.

With ultimate power to change the world
With enthusiasm to innovate new,
With vision to create new world.


Life is not a cupcake my darling that it would always taste you sweet neither it’s like pepper. Every bite of the life has different taste, enjoy messed up, win, lose, fight, smile, love, invent, and many more. keep tasting it more and more. Make sure you have enjoyed every taste of it before leaving the life.

Late Night Thought #4

This time about life in dual nature world it is worst than wounds and cuts
Every time it make me feel that I can’t live it as I want to live it.
Some time this world make me feel lucky, happiest and just after fraction of seconds it make me realize that it will never going to be happen, your way life is like glass window that the  world can break it easily,
But dear dual nature world I am a nanoscientest I can make this glass hardest ever you have seen.


I am lost, 

somewhere in between the stars 

In the search of what I need

In the comfort of what I dream

I am lost,

In Between what is true and what is in my imagination.

In between what is required and what is needed

I am lost,

Lost to find myself again

But scared of being too late to find myself again.

I am lost,.

Somewhere in between the stars

मां (Komal’s First blog post}

Source: मां


“मेरी दुनिया तो तु ही है, क्योंकि
दुनिया देखने के आंख खुली

तो सामने तेरा ही चेहरा था |

आई थी मुट्ठी बंद कर कुछ पानी  को|
पर मेरी पहली नजर में ही
मुझे तो सारी दुनिया ही मिल गई|
KomaI mehta
Happy birthday Maa”
Question is Who is Komal?
Komal is my 12 year old sister, youngest among us and she loves writing.
Sometime she writes about “world of pencil”, sometime about about life and many more.
This 5th March(Mom’s birthday), she tried to make her own blog after reading about word press in her GK book and here is her successful attempt(many more to add)Komal’s Blog, Stay in touch of her blog for variety of young imagination and lots of fun.