What is self respect?

I am always confused about what self respect means for? And may be it’s defination is different for different people. 

Here are some of my confusing points

1 when a friend stop receiving your call and still you are calling to them because they mean a lot in life.

2 You are trying hard to convince someone whom you want in life

And many other examples like that does it mean trying this is losing self respect?

Please share your definition of Self respect. I want to make it clear what self respect reallt means?

8 thoughts on “What is self respect?

  1. I guess everyone does has their own definition of self respect and at times there is a very thin line between ego and self respect.

    Yes self respect does mean to take a stand for yourself but at times personal relations can be an exception….and I agree it is confusing many a times in practical life…..

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  2. I would say it probably means, doing right by who you are. Although, if I were to go by that definition on a more personal basis, then I think there would be times when I’d probably question that definition. In which case, I’d fall back on that old standby which declares; Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Making it easier for me to give advise, just as long as no one knows I don’t always follow it myself. But then, I think that makes us human, which is probably not such a bad trade off after all. :O)

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