कभी अच्छाई की
तो कभी किसी के बेहद करीब होने का
नकाब ओढ़ लेते हैं
कभी मदद करने का
तो कभी हमदर्द बनने का
अच्छा ढ़ोग कर लेते हैं हम,
हम इतने नकाब बदलते हैं
कि अपनी असलीयत हीं भूल गये
कभी कभी तो खुद़ को ढुंढते फिरते हैं
पर मिल नहीं पाता अपना अस्तित्व।
एहसास होता है कि
नकाबपोश से बेहतर थी बेनकाब जिंदगी।

Shadow of The Moon

night and river.jpg

Every evening when the stars comes

And Moon down to this river

River feels complete with Moon

Yaa, just with the shadow of Moon

And When the Night knocks

Her all reminisce flash back

And she  enjoy all again with the shadow of Moon

She smile and feel their love,

The joy and the pain of waiting for night

She blushes and feels the fear of sunrise,

And the pain of to be apart again

Till the evening comes again

And once again the Moon will  down to her heart .

Late night Thought

“And sometimes, the person who loves you the most could be the guy whose heart you broke a long time ago, who still remembers your birthday every year and sends you a card with a coupon to your most favorite restaurant.”

Above line is from a answer on quora. I read this more than two times, these lines ,made  me think about life and love. Our live is  a one way journey to the uncertain destination. While this journey we meet many people, they are from family, friends, strangers and someone special who is very close to our heart and soul for us, Our Love. Love, just a four letter word with world’s best emotions in it. And when we are in love all things become different, we get some emotional power to do any extraordinary things. And very new kind of frustration from that special one because of that special attachment. It is not just emotional or physical relation with promise of always being together. Love is like a clear mirror through which we can find our best. He or she help other to be their best in course of life. Love is emotion, attachment where nothing belongs to individual, word Yours and My is replaced by word Our . Love make us feel secure and vulnerable  at the same time. We feel secure to have someone in all situation and we become vulnerable to the heart break or being separate apart. Love is so vast to write on paper, to explain in words. It can be only feel by the person who are in love. That lines from answer shown me the way I want to love someone and to be loved.


Doesn’t matter you are with me or not


You are always present in my heart,

In my thoughts and in my beauty,

You are in me,

In my emotions, In my smile