“I know you care but hide “

I am always showing you
How much i care about you
how much i miss you
How i follow you in my dreams
And how I always wait for you
but still you are saying
“I know you care but hide “
No, i am not hiding
It’s your heart who wants to
Hear the same from meΒ  again and again
And you are blaming me that I am hiding
Hiding my feelings my heart.
Here Once again I am saying
I am enjoying my best part of life with you
No matter where I am and where you are
you are always closed in my heart
I always wish we will together for life long.


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25 thoughts on ““I know you care but hide “

  1. Love that is not rippled
    Is an energy spent unnecessarily
    Even though economists don’t term
    Love as scarce resource
    As an individual you do experience dearth of love and you know you don’t have infinite love or at least infinite patience to withstand the pain of not belonging.

    So just love
    Love someone who notices
    Who responds
    For whom it matters
    Else it’s just addiction.

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