You are not alone



You are not alone in this journey
When people left your hand
When all leave you alone
When people change their mind.
When people are busy,

Then also this beautiful nature
and the whole universe is with you.
They never left you alone
They never complaint you
They are always with you
You are never be alone in the journey.
You are with you
Trust on you
and enjoy the journey to earth.

I clicked this pic while my home visit during vacation and have to write something about “You are not alone”.
I know this is not nice combo of click and words, please enjoy it. Next time I will try for better combo.

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    1. Yaa, I am nature lover, love to click in my free time.
      And I read your post another opportunity and ur question was perfect, some days ago we all discussing on same thing what is the use of 4 year study of engineering or else, as when we work on our dream we need courage and a mentor to guide.
      Great going keep it up and let u s make India a Leading country.

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      1. Exactly Pooja. I was shocked to hear the questions raised by students. In engineering, colleges aren’t even provide equipments to work with. Medical students aren’t given any bodies to work with. If this will continue, they how are they gonna become a great surgeon. If they don’t even know the anatomy of body.
        There are so much to change. I wish I could make a differnce in my field. ๐Ÿ™‚

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