This is original draft saved two year ago, I don’t remember what makes me to write this and save as draft.

Friends, friends friends everywhere
Like stars stars in dark night .
But we all know star are far away
And moon have to be alone
In the darkness of the cloud
In the brightness of the sun
But sometime the Venus come to moon
Give a company.


The cloud cry for his pain
But never try to share it with the sky
Whole world think how close they are
But That closeness is fake,
that friendship is fake.
But there is no fault of cloud also
Earth need his tears for survival
But why the sky always is the victim
Why the sky always have to be alone
Even in the presence of stars and moon.




The brightness of sun is lost,
In the darkness of moonlight
The fragrance of flower lost
When it wilt.
I lost in the castle of expectation
I lost in the custom of society.
Lost in this big world.
Just because I don’t share anything
Just because I am not social enough.
Just because I am introvert.


“बीत जाने के बाद ख़ाक है,
आने से पहले एक पहेली,
और वरतमान में हमारी ताकत ”