Indian Daughter

indian daughter

I am an Indian Daughter,

With no rights on my own home

With no rights on my dreams.

I am an Indian Daughter,

I am not allow to do what I like

I am not allowed to take decision of my own life.

I am an Indian Daughter,

I suppose to be polite to everyone

irrespective of their behavior

I suppose to be a silent spectator,

I am an Indian Daughter,

I am a property which a family transfer to Groom

I don’t have any existence.

I am an Indian Daughter,

My name is also not mine,

The label marriage change it without my permission.

I am an Indian Daughter

The situation here described is generally seen in Our society and to change the name after marriage is a general trend in all over the world. But the girls also have right to live with  their own identity.

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13 thoughts on “Indian Daughter

    • Will, I only try to draw a very common condition of girls in India, And when I searched for it in global perspective I found that in over the world women suffer from these problems in past and most of the places it is continued in present also.
      This is all because of the old ritual, people follow till present.
      People use to with change in technology but they don’t want to change the ritual and custom.

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  1. I use my maiden name. When I married for the second time, I decided to revert back to my maiden name. My reasoning at the time was that I didn’t want to have to go through the legal hassle of changing all my legal documents in case I got divorced a second time. Who knew I would still be married 38 years later. MUCH aloha to you.

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  2. I like how to pointed out the issues that still exists in the society. However, I only disagree with calling it Indian Daughter, since it shows ‘Indian Daughter’ in the bad light. Similar to call Delhi a rape capital. I don’t believe in naming, that’s why I have put this argument. The poem is good, otherwise 🙂

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