Beauty Standard

Then you are coming with marriage proposal for my daughter,
And you have demand of fair color complexion.
Ok wait,
Take some coffee or ice cream.
What? You like Black coffee,
And I ordered strawberry flavored ice-cream for your mother,
What? She also like chocolate flavored?
Oh! You are wearing a nice black suits, and preferring black shoes,
And you mom is regularly dying her hair with black color
For hiding the white hairs,
What happen when you r going to shop and buying your suit,
You didn’t found any suit with fair complexion
Why your choice of Coffee and ice-cream is not based on color?
And why you prefer suit and hair in dark?
But for bride you are specific about the color complexion.
Please, listen, the beauty standard for my family is very much different,
Beauty has no relation with colors,
Night is beautiful with dark sky and day with bright light.
Cuckoo is dark with melody voice.
The color of human skin is never being a parameter of beauty standard
The passion to deal the stuffs, the intellectual smartness to deal the life,
And the power to make smile on someone’s face are the parameter of beauty standard.

“alphaj mere”


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