Public Statement

Hello, Mr. Minister(Not all)

please use your common sense while you are speaking in front of public.

And specially,

when you speak about Girl and women’s right

when you are speaking about sensitive topics like gender and homosexuality.

When you are speaking on rape case.

When You are blaming the dress, mobile phone and late night shopping for Rape(go through the link for top 11 way to avoid the rape)

And when you are about to giving some Worst speeches and statement.

Mr. minister please Respect your position,

and think thrice before giving any public statement,

Your statement will affect a big part of our society.

Pooja Mehta

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Hats off To Manabi Bandyopadhyay


Transgender people struggle a lot for finding social acceptance. not because they are transgender, but because of the society. For worse cases, they are not accepted by their own families. The whole life is caught between their own cobwebs.

Above than all this circumstances Manabi Bandyopadhyay, who’s currently Associate Professor in Bengali at Vivekananda Satobarshiki Mahavidyalaya and who is going to be the college principal when she takes charge of Krishanagar Women’s college from June 9.

 Dipak K. Kar, chairman of an education panel that selects college principals in the state, said that Manabi Banerjee will head the Krishnanagar Women’s College in West Bengal. Ms. Banerjee is expected to start her new job on June 9, Mr. Kar said.

But Manabi had her own share of problem. The path to collage principle has not been easy. Her father never supported her and she was the subject of taunts of her own father. And the society as usual never support her. That never deterred her strong spirit and she continued working hard as she had realised that she had to do something important.

And now the day of victory come, she will be the first transgender Principle of any College in India.

Again it proved the people who not let the society’s opinion to shape them, do ens up in glory.

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एकांत समाधान है,

गर तुम सावधान हो|

एकांत समस्या है

गर तुम उलझन में हो|

एकांत सुकून है

गर तुम शांत हो|

एकांत मित्र है

गर तुम्हे शुरआत करनी हो

एकांत डरावना है

गर तुम उदास हो

एकांत, एकांत है

गर तुम अकेले हो |

Beauty Standard

Then you are coming with marriage proposal for my daughter,
And you have demand of fair color complexion.
Ok wait,
Take some coffee or ice cream.
What? You like Black coffee,
And I ordered strawberry flavored ice-cream for your mother,
What? She also like chocolate flavored?
Oh! You are wearing a nice black suits, and preferring black shoes,
And you mom is regularly dying her hair with black color
For hiding the white hairs,
What happen when you r going to shop and buying your suit,
You didn’t found any suit with fair complexion
Why your choice of Coffee and ice-cream is not based on color?
And why you prefer suit and hair in dark?
But for bride you are specific about the color complexion.
Please, listen, the beauty standard for my family is very much different,
Beauty has no relation with colors,
Night is beautiful with dark sky and day with bright light.
Cuckoo is dark with melody voice.
The color of human skin is never being a parameter of beauty standard
The passion to deal the stuffs, the intellectual smartness to deal the life,
And the power to make smile on someone’s face are the parameter of beauty standard.

“alphaj mere”

Hello world!

Now i am going to give a flight to my wing, which are on rest for long time, and express my views my and express my feeling all what i was never share with anyone.